I am a web developer, who resides in the beautiful confines of Northwest Indiana, aka the region. During the day I work at The Grossbauer Group developing custom websites and web applications.

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Blog posts

A better website development workflow

I have been looking at ways to improve my overall speed and quality of development. I have been developing locally for a while on various Mamp/Wamp boxes and it seems to work pretty well for most of what I need. However I have been hearing a lot of about various (new at least to me) tools out there such as Vagrant. read more >>

jQuery table sorting

I have been using the jquery table sorter plugin for a while now and really like it. You can view more information her on jquery tablesorter on github. There is even a bootstrap version, which looks pretty good. read more >>

Toshiba Satellite a665-s5170 bios password reset

A friend of my was unable to boot his satellite laptop and so I took a look. Turns out it had a BIOS password that was need before you could do anything. Very frustrating as you can’t even boot off of an external drive without the password. The only thing you can do is reset the cmos. So Below are the steps I took to fix this. I am not liable for any damage. *** read more >>

htaccess redirect old pages to new pages

Setting up redirects can be a real pain. Here is a quick snippet that you can use. to redirect visitors from old.com/about.htm to go to new.com/about.htm. read more >>

A simple jQuery and Ajax delete with confirmation

Here is a quick tip on on building an ajax delete page in php and mysql with a bit of jQuery to handle the ajax. We will assume you have some list of entries in a database and that you would like to remove them without the page reloading. We will also give the user a confirmation before they delete but it will not be an ugly alert box. read more >>

jQuery and Urlencode

Using jQuery and ajax can be tricky if you need to get urls with parameter in them. You need to be smart when you pass a url so make sure to encode the url. read more >>