I am a web developer, who resides in the beautiful confines of Northwest Indiana, aka the region. During the day I work at The Grossbauer Group developing custom websites and web applications.

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A better website development workflow

I have been looking at ways to improve my overall speed and quality of development. I have been developing locally for a while on various Mamp/Wamp boxes and it seems to work pretty well for most of what I need. However I have been hearing a lot of about various (new at least to me) tools out there such as Vagrant. I really did not quite grasp the full advantage of Vagrant over a MAMP setup at first but now it has become more clear.

I would like to share a few of the various links and videos that have helped me setup Vagrant and get it running.

Getting Started with Vagrant

To run Vagrant you will need a virtual machine, I am using virtualbox but you can use vmware or whatever vm software you like.

Also you will need to get your virtual box operating system which you can do so here: http://www.vagrantbox.es/

You want to get the most of Vagrant so you should use a provisioner to help. What is a provisioner? It basically allows you to configure what get installed automatically, kind of like a gulpfile.js but for Vagrant instead. Below are two website GUI’s for generating a manifiest file. One is for puppet the other is for ansible.


Vagrant Webpage Tutorials


Vagrant Video Tutorials

Vagrant Beginner (Part 1)

This is a quick video and about the fastest way to get a simple Vagrant box up and running. In this tutorial he is using PuPHPet which is a simple website to create a puppet manifest file.

PHP UK Conference 2014 – Erika Heidi – Vagrant Provisioners In A Nutshell




If you use a task runner like gulp, here is a neat way to get notifications to work with Vagrant.



jquery table sorting

I have been using the jquery table sorter plugin for a while now and really like it. You can view more information her on jquery tablesorter on github. There is even a bootstrap version, which looks pretty good.

I will try and post some examples of what can be done with this plugin but the site does a pretty good job of providing detailed explanations.

On a related note there are a few alternatives to this plugin since it can be a bit large. One is called the stupid jquery table sort plugin. I have not had a chance to use this but it looks pretty straight forward and would work well with not much overhead.

A few more table sorting plugins: